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Buy and Read "Healing Diabetes and other lifestyle disease with african whole foods Recipes" Book And Leave a Review on Amazon

Healing Diabetes is the ultimate cookbook for dispelling forever the myth that diabetics have no power over their disease. Mouth-watering dishes, beautifully displayed, burst from the pages of this aesthetically bright and joyful book, blended with the richness of true-life healing stories and the latest nutritional research.

Drawing on traditional plant-based cuisines of Africa, this is a book that builds not just healthy bodies, but healthy communities and ecosystems, and brings a message of empowerment and wholistic wellness to people everywhere. It is a nourishing African love-letter to the world. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Will Tuttle, Ph.D., award-winning author of the best-selling The World Peace Diet, is a visionary educator, former Zen monk, and cofounder of the Worldwide Prayer Circle for Animals.

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