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Is CBD Oil Still A Thing?!

YES! Is the short answer. CBD oil is still used to help people overcome a variety of disorders. The long answer is that Cannabidiol has been receiving a massive amount of attention due to all of the conditions that have the potential to be relieved by using CBD oil. The key here is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to the uses for treating and preventing conditions. With the endless possibilities that CBD has with regards to treatment for those who have used it in the past or those who are new to the remedy it might be worth a revisit. Below are a few different reasons why CBD oil still has its benefits in South Africa.

CBD Oil is a Natural pain reliever

For those of us who suffer from regular or chronic pain it is always a good idea to explore new potential treatments. If you are a sufferer from any sort of pain be it joint or neck, regular use of CBD oil is a good alternative or compliment to chemical forms of treatment. For those who do suffer from prolonged pain they should know that CBD oil still has its benefits in South Africa. Studies have shown that CBD oil can help reduce swelling and inflammation (Karina Genaro, 2017). Studies suggest that it can be used for multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Other long term pain that is caused by diseases such as cancer have reported results of reduced pain (Jeremy R Johnson, 2016). There are even some studies that suggest that there are cancer fighting properties however there is not enough evidence to suggest so. Rather CBD like most other speculative remedies can be used along side proven ones to help compliment them.

Has the Potential To Reduce Acne

Alright so many of us have experienced skin disorders and Acne is one of the most common and visible skin conditions. It affects so many people that there are hundreds of products that  are designed to help elevate some of the symptoms (J K L Tan, 2015). CBD works well because it can be used along side other products and has a wide variety of benefits alongside skin care. So alongside helping reduce Acne symptoms the other benefits help are additional.

Helps With Anxiety

Alright lets be real, we all suffer from anxiety at the moment. Not just because we are going through a turbulent time but also because it is a condition of living in South Africa to suffer from a certain level of stress. CBD Oil still has its benefits in South Africa because of how much stress we suffer from. It is a natural solution with fewer side effects to chemical solutions. There are several case studies that indicate that it can be used to reduce both anxiety and depression effects (Claire Cartwright, 2016). There are also treatments that combine it with regular THC use however its not suggested for everyone.

Elevates Seizure symptoms

Those who suffer from epileptic fits may find benefits from using cbd oil regularly. Several studies have indicated that using hemp or CBD Oil can help people who suffer from fits (The Lancet, 2016). While there is no conclusive evidence since using CBD for epileptic patients is still very early. One study monitored a group of patients suffering from seizures and reported that they have 35% less fits over the course of a month while using CBD Oil as a treatment.

Diabetes prevention

More recent studies have found a possible link between the regular use of CBD oil for Diabetes suffers and reduced symptoms. The new data came from an experiment using diabetic mice so human tests are still to be undergone (L Weiss, 2006). The project hypothesised that the use of CBD oil can be used to help create natural insulin in type 2 diabetics and reduce the amount of jabs type 1 users need. While these tests remain inconclusive the fact that there is the possibility to help long term diabetic suffers could be ground breaking.

So CBD Oil still has its benefits in South Africa?

Yes! As mentioned earlier this is a firm yes. While the use of CBD oil to help treat diseases is still speculative and requires further investigation the minimal side effects and natural ingredients makes it a good contender to its chemical alternatives.

What We Can Offer

At the Ubuntu Trust we have an extensive range of CBD oil with multiple different purposes and practical uses. 

While there are many different brands of CDB oil available in South Africa. The Ubuntu Wellness range is designed to be more health centric than many of its counterparts. As discussed above, the benefits of hemp and CBD oil are very clear, from pain relief to antianxiety medication, the possible uses are endless. While we do not recommend using the oil as a replacement for mainstream medication, it can be used as a compliment to help offset some of the more prevalent side-effects in chemical-based medication. Below is a link to our online shop.

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