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Flotation Therapy

Is The Best Way to Experience Meditation

What Is Flotation Therapy?

Well, that’s a good question. Flotation therapy in short is a way for people to have near outer body experiences with the use of a water filled deprivation tank. Another way to put is that Flotation Therapy is the best way to experience meditation.  The title gives it away, flotation is an experience that is really difficult to put into words but we are going to try describe flotation.

Deprivation Therapy

deprivation floatation therapy is the process of lying in a sensory excluding pod, designed to eliminate all forms of sound and senses. The process is designed to bring you back into yourself and experience what it’s like to float weightless and without stimulation. Many people describe it as being similar to experiencing what it’s like to be in the womb. Many others describe it as being like floating in space. Totally weightless, nothing but your thoughts to accompany you on your journey of self-reflection. What I’m describing to you is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Granted, deprivation therapy is not designed for everyone. Many people prefer to keep their minds occupied. It is a condition of living in our current times. With so many distractions available, the idea of depriving yourself of electronics can be frightening. Rest assured however, deprivation therapy while not appealing to everyone, is designed for anyone.

What’s Flotation Therapy for?

the primary use for deprivation therapy is the overall increase in quality of life. It is designed to help you destress, relax, re-center yourself and for an hour or two to cut out everything else in the world. You’re never totally alone, until you’ve tried a sensory deprivation tank. The idea is not to just cut external factors out but also the internal. For every hour in the relaxation chamber, it is the equivalent of several hours dedicated to meditation. When meditating, hundreds of other factors will still be impacting your seclusion. Including smell, sound and touch. A sensory deprivation tank deprives you of these distracting factors. Your only concern is your thoughts. To a degree, floatation therapy deprives you of your own thoughts. The feeling is so alien to that they go into a deep sense of prolonged relaxation and rest. Floatation therapy is the best way to experience meditation.

What Is Its Main Benefit?

The most important benefit that can be derived from flotation therapy is rest. The equivalent of 1 hour of sleep in a flotation tank is 8 hours of standard rest. This comes from the deep state of meditation that you are put into while in a deprivation tank. A flotation tank reduces all distractions of the world including those from sleep. People who have conditions that negatively impact their sleep report to have some of the best in their lives. The feeling of rest that people have reported to experience is unlike any other they can describe. ‘Deep’ and ‘rich’ are some of the feelings people get after their therapy is complete.

What Are You Going To Experience?

Well first off you don’t have to worry about getting into a claustrophobes nightmare. You are not going to get into a small place that is going to trap you inside indefinitely. Instead, you are going to enter one of the most amazing experiences of your life! The tank is body temperature which simulates a womb as mentioned earlier. Once the dome closes the light dims and the tank will go totally dark inside, depriving you of sight. Light residue leaves our eyes after 15 minuets which then opens up and heightens your other senses. The tank has buttons to control your experience if it becomes too much. You can open the dome if you feel too uncomfortable, other wise there is an emergency switch in case there is a problem.

What Effects Dose it Have?

People have reported a plethora of different physical and mental results after using a sensory deprivation tank. These range from being more active to a heightened creativity. Flotation Therapy is the best way to experience meditation and these effects are a result of that. Some people have experienced hallucinations during their flotation sessions. These are not the same as taking a mind altering substance rather they are a result of the mind trying to make sense of the deprivation tank. These hallucinations have always been reported as being calming a pleasant. More of an expansion of perception then anything else. People who have these experiences usually help improve concentration and focus as well as  reducing anxiety based symptoms.


Where can you try this experience?

In South Africa The best place to try flotation therapy is at the Ubuntu Wellness Centre at the Cape Town Medispa. We offer a range of flotation services and massage packages. You can either get in contact with us or browse our offering below.

From us at Ubuntu Wellness, have a healthier , happier life.

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