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A Modern Medical Wonder


Gentle Medication is a synonym for homeopathy. One of the most important medical advances for its time homeopathy skill holds up as a legitimate form of holistic treatment. We at Ubuntu Wellness want to take you through the history and benefits of Homeopathy a modern medical wonder.

1: Inception During A Turbulent Time

During the 18th century it was a time where medical treatment wore a far different, more sinister mask than today. The rumours which were dominant theory of the time is the idea that people where made up of blood, bile and phlegm. If one of these where in disproportion to the other then it would result in illness. If someone got sick they would drain you of the one they believed was causing the illness. Usually this meant cutting open your belly for an upset stomach or opening up your skull for a headache.

A German doctor Samuel Hahnemann belived these kinds of practices where barbaric and oppted for a safer form of treatment for his patients. By utilizing his skills as a doctor and introducing Eastern medication he created a gentle alternative to the ultra invasive methods of the time.

2: What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy a modern medical wonder is not just the title of this piece. Its existance is a wonder. Homeopathy goes on the principle, “like-cures-like”, meaning a small dose of something that can harm one person can help cure a condition of another person.

The body is truly an amazing thing. Every human body has the ability to help cure itself of many ailments and homeopathy complements the process.  It uses ingredients only found in nature. Making it 100% safe and side-effect free.

3: Using Homeopathy in day-to-day Life

When we say Homeopathy is a modern medical wonder I mean that it is recommended for daily use to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you decide not to see a homeopathic doctor the best alternative is to get a formula with a broad range of benefits. Because homeopathy is so safe to use it can be used for all age groups the best practice is the entire family to use homeopathy.

4: Homeopathy a modern medical Wonder

In our modern world we are exposed to so many viruses and bacteria that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential. By using homeopathy user will experience a happier existence with increased wellness and vitality. Below is a list of local homeopathic doctors in South Africa. We also have a Respiratory Support Homeopathic Remedy developed by the world famous doctor Digby.

From the Ubuntu Trust we wish everyone a healthier, happier existance.

BREATHE Easily With Homeopathy

Our Breathe formula is homeopathy a modern medical wonder. It has more ingreedients then any other standard homeopathic formula. With over a decade of research and development from a team of top doctors this remedy is designed for family members of all ages. With zero side effects it can be safely taken along side other Western medication as a complementary treatment. 

Many people use it a compliment to mainstream medication to help offset many of the negative effects that can occur from use of mainstream medication. We recommend using Breathe twice a day for each family member to ensure maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. We do not promote Breathe as an alternative but rather a compliment to help contribute to an existence filled with wellness.

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