Ubuntu Trinity Ultimate Spa Wellness Package


Experience ultimate wellness and rejuvenation with our Trinity Spa Package at Ubuntu Wellness. This half day package includes a float, massage of your choice, and a sound therapy session, all designed to leave you feeling refreshed and renewed. To top it off, enjoy a light snack and tea ceremony after your treatments. Don’t wait, book now and treat yourself to the ultimate spa experience. Book now and take the first step towards ultimate wellness and relaxation with the Trinity Spa Package.



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The Ultimate Spa Wellness Package includes the following

  • Floatation Sensory Deprivation therapy session for 60 minutes.

The tank is filled with water and Epsom Salts or Magnesium Sulphate at body temperature. Over 200 kg salt is added which allows you to float without trying to stay afloat. An hour floatation equals to 4 hours deep sleep. It is beneficial in reducing jet-lag, anxiety, depression and more.

  • A full body massage of your coice for 60 minutes.

Choose either a CBD, Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage. Each of these treatments are designed to compliment the flotation therapy allowing for full relaxation.

  • Bosonic Sound Therapy Session for 60 minutes.

Kita Biosonic Peace Machine is a state-of-the-art technology that effectively soothes the ‘fight or flight’ response of our sympathetic nervous system which is directly responsible for accumulated stress that can negatively affect the optimal functioning of both body and mind.

  • An interlude for a healthy plant based snack and tea pairing.

Enjoy the scenery of our peace garden overlooked by the Ubuntu tree. Wind down after your revitalizing treatments with a delicious healthy snack and green tea to balance your system.





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