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The Ubuntu Touch Project

This is a uniquely South African initiative that aims to bring the benefits of workplace wellness into your organisation through a Social Enterprise model blending CSI, ED and EAP.

Students of the project are trained in massage and other therapies, enabling them to deliver treatments in corporate and community settings, and are taught the basic business skills required to efficiently manage their own small businesses.

Skills development means little to women who cannot feed their families, so it is essential that any training is directly linked to real job opportunities.

The Trust is a non-profit organisation of a public character, established for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the founder for the benefit of South African Communities.  Ubuntu Trust was established for the purpose of transferring skills, developing enterprises and promoting wellness in Africa. This will be achieved through Trust-linked activities, which include a special focus on the Ubuntu Touch Project

(Africa’s first wellness-focused, sustainable and free educational upliftment model).

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