The Ubuntu Wellness 21 Day Diabetes Reversal Program

The Diabetes Reversal Diet Program uses plant based food as a type 2 reversal catalyst

The Documentary following a group of participants on their journey to reversing diabetes

The 21 day reversing free diabetes e cookbook

What is The Ubuntu 21 Day Diabetes Reversal Program?

The Ubuntu Wellness Diabetes reversal project is a 21 day plant based diet designed to help type 2 diabetes sufferers.  The program is aimed at changing the relationship diabetes suffers have with food. At Ubuntu Wellness we are in the process of researching and developing the use of food as a way to reverse Diabetes primarily with a vegan diet without oil. 

The program is being backed by a research from various academics and a full length documentary following several type 2 diabetics and their journeys to living better lives. The people taking part in this ground breaking 21 day program is aimed at changing people’s mindsets and their lives to a more wholistic healthier lifestyle.

Watch the Documentary Trailer 

The reversing diabetes documentary follows 12 people on their journey to living a better life. Diabetes in South Africa is an epidemic and a counterpart to the global problem which is a pandemic.  Unbuntu wellness is on a path with the these people helping them create a better life for themselves by providing medication, doctors visits and most importantly food. The 21 day Diabetes Reversal Program is an act of compassion to people who suffer from this terrible disease and we want to spread the diet that can help them.

The 21 Day Diabetes Reversal Cook E-Book

As part of the 21 day diabetes reversal program we have developed a plant based cook book to help those not taking part in the project to follow along with the diet side of it. The book has dozens of vegan based recipes designed to help people make the necessary changes to reverse their diabetes.

The free E-book contains 15 plant based recipes from our full book. These are all delicious vegan, oil free meals that are developed to combat and reverse diabetes as part of the 21 day program. The full version contains over 150 plant based recipes. 

Healing Diabetes Cook Book

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