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Our thinking 

‘Creating Jobs. Developing Skills. Promoting Wellness.’

-Ubuntu Wellness 

We exist to create meaningful employment and small business opportunities in the health and wellness sector.

We are a proudly South African initiative with established global recognition for the vision and quality of our work. We are proud to operate within a unique culture of wellness which is deeply firmly rooted in the values of Ubuntu and inter-connectedness. These principles power our services, assisting companies and individuals to deeply destress and to build resilience, restoring our innate abilities to thrive and perform optimally along the journey of  wellbeing.

Ubuntu Wellness Spa

We are here to empowering you to live your best life

Diabetes Reversal Program

Transform you health with a whole food plant based diet

Ubuntu Touch

We are a Level 2 Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Business Development SETA-Accredited Training facility

Imagine what 8 billion humans could accomplish if we all loved and respected each other. Imagine that and give it a few minutes of your energy each day.

-Ubuntu Wellness 


UbuNTU – Who or what is ‘Ntu”

In short, ‘Ntu’ is a word which can be described as both an Afrikan philosophy and as a universal creative life force,which is found in all Afrikan ethnic societies in Afrika and in the Diaspora”

Most Western cultures understand the word to mean ”a human being” or the spirit of oneness and harmony among people and nature. The concept of Ntu emphasises solidarity and oneness amongst Africans.

This word is used in a lot of common everyday language across many cultures in Africa.


Ntu, Kuntu, Hantu, Buntu, Bantu, Muntu, Tu, Mtu, Motho, Mutum, Namdu, Utu, Du, Nho, Ni, Now

1. Umuntu/abantu – black Africans

2. Isintu – African traditions, spirituality, music, culture, architecture, cuisine, attire etc

3. Ubuntu – humanity/kindness 


It is generally known that NTU is an African notion of being. This quality observed by many Africans as a unique manifestation of universal cosmic intelligence, or life force; that which is the essence of all things.

Way back, the Bantu people named themselves ‘Bantus’ or the human manifestation of the great Ntu. the manifestation of love, kindness and compassion is expressed through the word ‘Ubuntu’

What does Vegetarianism and Veganism have to do with the future?

It has Everything to do with the future, because it involves non-violance, compassion and a sense of respect for sentient beings.
Let us not sit back and wait, but become directly involved in the creation process of a new future

Click here to find out how you can become part of the solution to a much more compassionate world that respects the lives of all sentient beings.

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