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Skills development means little to women who cannot feed their families, so it is essential that any training is directly linked to real job opportunities.


Ubuntu Trust Registration: 089-081 NPO



The concept of Ubuntu, often understood to mean “I am because you are” was expanded to include the optimal connection and relationship between the planet and its people, supported by the principles of non-violence (“ahimsa”) and respect for all sentient life. True accord, healing and harmony can only fully emerge when all beings embrace in one compassionate circle of life within the spirit of ubuntu.

Objective of the Trust 

Ubuntu Trust was established primarily to promote the concept of Ubuntu practically in South Africa through specific projects focused on upskilling individuals to enable them to heal, earn and contribute.
The first of these projects, our flagship Ubuntu Touch Project, is constructed with the purpose of providing skills development in the wellness sector to disadvantaged South African women, such as:
(a) Providing training at no cost, the training would be at various levels depending on the ability of the individuals.
(b) Placing the graduates trained into internships, jobs and possible start-up business opportunities.
Other Projects include:
(c) Ubuntu Chef: Community Chef Training Project
(d) Ubuntu Breathe Immune Support Project
(e) Ubuntu Diabetes Reversal Project

Ancillary Objective

Acting as a Broad-based Ownership Scheme as envisaged by the BEE Codes and consequently ensuring that the beneficiaries of the trust at all times are at least 85% black individuals and 50% black women.

About Ubuntu Touch

The Trust is a non-profit organisation of a public character, established for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the founder for the benefit of South African Communities.  Ubuntu Trust was established for the purpose of transferring skills, developing enterprises and promoting wellness in Africa. This will be achieved through Trust-linked activities, which include a special focus on the Ubuntu Touch Project (Africa’s first wellness-focused, sustainable ans free educational upliftment model).


  • Ubuntu Wellness Founded

    Ubuntu wellness was founded to create Africa’s first financially sustainable wellness-focused educational Academy model.

  • Mamelane Projects

    Special thanks to Carly Tanur, Mamelani founder, for help pre-selecting students for Touch Project

  • Medi-clinic

    special thanks to Lwazi Mankhala, CSR Manager, for foresight and commitment in supporting 6 students

  • Achievement awards group

    Special thanks to Barry Coltham, Director, for foresight and commitment in supporting 1 student

  • HCI Foundation

    special thanks to Carol van Rheede, Acting Head, for foresight and commitment in supporting 3 students

  • Telephonics

    special thanks to Sipho Zungu, Transformation Manager, for foresight and commitment in supporting 1 student

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