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Ubuntu Crystal

‘A beautiful circle appeared inside of a crystal. I believe this circle is Ubuntu itself. It signifies that everything is in perfect harmony. Only when everything is in harmony and accord all the beings will attain true happiness’

-Dr Masuru Emoto, Researcher

“The Water Messenger”


The Ubuntu Water Crystal  was  produced and gifted to  Ubuntu  Wellness by Dr.  Emoto in 2007 in  support of  our goal to promote  the  concept of Ubuntu practically  in  Africa through specialised  projects  upskilling  individuals to empower  themselves and  their  communities  and to enable  them to heal, earn  and  contribute.
Dr Emoto said that water is a ‘blueprint of our reality’ and that emotional ‘energies’ and ‘vibrations’ could change its physical structure. 
All life is a melody. If you can find the right rhythm, you can reverse and cure  the illness.
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