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ubuntu diabetes reversal project milestones and outcomes

This page shares key project achievements, showcasing a transformative initiative dedicated to unraveling the complexities of diabetes and advancing effective long-term reversal strategies.


Project Overview

The Ubuntu Wellness Project is pioneering a whole food plant-based/ (WFPB) program in Africa, leveraging the power of Ubuntu philosophy and ancestral plant-based diets. Our journey from 2021 to 2024 has been marked by significant milestones and real-life healing success stories. Explore some of our key achievements below.

Ubuntu 21-Day Reversal Project Findings

As 3 of our participants approach the critical milestone of long-term diabetes reversal, which is marked by 36 months at no medication and <6.5% Hb1AC, we extend our heartfelt wishes for their continued health and wellness. Their journey inspires and fuels our commitment to transforming lives through the Ubuntu philosophy and holistic health practices.

Disclaimer: Ubuntu Wellness is dedicated to providing comprehensive holistic care, focusing on health and wellness transformations through plant-based nutrition and ‘food as medicine’ approaches, alongside natural medication options including homeopathy. In managing chronic diseases, we collaborate with registered medical professionals to ensure our support is both safe and effective, integrating our holistic practices within conventional medical frameworks for your well-being.

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