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Ubuntu Animals  

‘It is not about me. It is not about you. It is about working together as one.’

-Unabantu Nokuphila

Returning to Sacred relationship with our non-human brethren allows for regeneration and restoration of the disconnected whole. The importance of this for planetary sustainability and personal development both cannot be over-estimated. Beyond a naturally-arising anxiety that animals sense when around humans that view them merely as things for commerce, food or products, animals respond to vibrations of human love and compassion by settling back into their natural generous roles – as majestic healers uniting humans in harmony.
We are only just beginning to understand the many dimensions of communication and healing possible from animals.
Many of us have been blessed with experiences of profound healing, insight and joy in the presence of animals both domestic and wild. This is the place to interact and share your personal experiences, as well as latest news, science and updates around this most precious of subjects-Interspecies Healing.
“As part of the Climate Healers certification process, we take the pledge as it is truly universal and fundamental to our transformation from a narcissistic, predator species to a compassaione, caregiver species.” –Dr . Sailesh Rao
Contact us to foster or become a forever home for our network of beloved animals awaiting love and compassion.
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