The 4 Stress Reliving

Benefits of Hands on Massage


When was the last time you got a massage? I don’t mean that 3 minute shoulder massage you got from a co-worker which you did not give express permission to receive. Weather you have had a professional massage recently or not the difference is substantial. Getting a hands on massage is not just a back rub, its a precise near scientific process. A professional massage is almost a transcending experience if done right. Lets go through the four quintessential reasons to get yourself booked for a professional massage if you need a stress relief. 

1: physical muscle Relief

Lets go through a familiar scenario. Alright, so your feet hurt after a long day of work. Not necessarily labor intensive but your shoes have been crushing your feet for the last few hours. The one thing you crave above everything else in the world, is a foot rub.

There is a reason for this. Physical pressure applied to sore muscles is an age old instant pain relief technique to reduce pain. This is because when over stimulated area’s of the body will swell and cause discomfort. By pressing these areas you are essentially reducing the swelling by helping the muscles balance out.

Massage helps put realign people and put them back into a more neutral relaxed state. The tension that builds inside our bodies if not dealt with accumulates and can cause cramps. Sports massages are used on athletes to help relax them before they have to exert themselves to perform better.

Regular professional massages help to reduce physical pain that has been growing due to many factors including stress. 

2: Mental Stress Treatment

Stress is a pandemic. It is a par t of the human condition. Everyone in the world experiences stress in one form or another. From having to deal with an overdue car payment to having to organize an event while others the other team members have pulled out stress is inevitable.

While a little stress is usually good. It pushes us into action. an abundance of it is never good. It poisons our daily lives leading to depression and can impact our relationships with other people. So how can massage help deal with this?

Well, aside releasing the physical built up tension, feeling human touch helps people mentally. This is because  feeling a trained professional working out knots releases endorphins which lifts your mood and helps re-center your mood. Much like getting a hug, human touch is essential to a good mood. 

3:  Helps Maintain Balance

Receiving regular massages Helps center yourself. What I Mean is that a massage is a way to re-align both the physical and mental by releasing tension and stress. People who get regular professional massages generally work more productively, exercise more efficiently and are more sociable. This is because they much of the physical and mental stress that they carry is being expelled from their muscles and mind. 

By getting regular massages can help maintain a balanced lifestyle. Because its a way to help de-stress and reduce cramps you dwell less on these factors. Making it easier to explore other parts of our lives that make us happier.

4: Stress Reliving Benefits of Hands on Massage

In our modern world we are exposed to so many different stimulants that we use to give us instant gratification. Receiving an age old practice in stress relief helps bring you back to yourself. We at Ubuntu Wellness recommend that everyone get some sort of massage regularly. That dose not mean every week or even every month. You don’t need an hour long one. You don’t even necessarily need one from a professional massage therapist. As long as its from someone you trust the benefits are always guaranteed. For those who want to try a professional massage from one of the top rated spas in SA, we have packages.

From the Ubuntu Trust we wish everyone a healthier, happier existence.

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